For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, nature is our clock, the stars are our calendar, and changes in the winds, plants and animal tell us the new season has arrived.

Dragonflies announce the dry season and fruiting of native cherries. The green tree frog tells us the big wet is coming. And when the bum gets fat on the green bush ant, we know it’s ripe with juicy, citrus pop.

Seven Seasons heroes native Australian ingredients. Following the sustainable lores of the land, and using what is bountiful in nature, they make sure those ingredients are there again next year, and the year after that. 

The Seven Seasons of Gulumoerrgin, Larrakia people

Monsoon season

January & February

Speargrass, Goose Egg & knock ‘em down season

March & April

Barramundi & Bush Fruit time

May & June

Heavy dew time

June & August

Windy time

August & September

Build Up

September & October

Rainy season

November & December

the seven seasons team

Meet our Makers

Daniel Motlop, Founder

Before he became a food and beverage entrepreneur, Daniel was a successful AFL footballer, playing for both the North Melbourne and Port Adelaide clubs during his career. Since 2016, he and his father Eddie and brothers Steven and Shannon have been majority owners of Something Wild, which supplies native Australian ingredients to restaurants and consumers around the country. During that time, they have built strong relationships with Indigenous communities around Australia, providing them with positive opportunities and outcomes. Daniel is a proud Larrakia man, who is passionate about promoting the ethical, sustainable and permitted use of native Australian ingredients.

Larrakia people

The custodians of the Darwin region, Larrakia country runs from Cox Peninsula in the west to Gunn Point in the north, Adelaide River in the east to Manton Dam in the south. It’s here that the Larrakia people search for the native ingredients that showcase their incredible culture.

Sustainability matters

Following the sustainable lores of the land, and using what’s bountiful in nature, they make sure those ingredients are there again next year, and the year after that.

While certain ingredients and botanicals, like juniper, come from far-flung sources, much of the produce for Seven Seasons’ spirits is sourced only from Aboriginal communities who employ Aboriginal harvesters. They take only what is bountiful to ensure a plentiful annual return.

Each year, more than three tonnes of fresh native ingredients – the green ants, bush apple and yams, of course, but also boobialla, strawberry gum, pepper berry and more – are bought direct from communities throughout the Top End.

By employing local harvesters and creating a market for their products, Seven Seasons has been able to create sustainable jobs for hundreds of Aboriginal people and their payments flow back into supporting their communities.

Approved for sustainable harvesting by both the Government and Traditional Owners of the land.

Sustainable Harvesting Permit Number: 57947.

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