The World’s Oldest New Flavours

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, nature is our clock, the stars are our calendar, and changes in the winds, plants and animals tell us the new season has arrived. 

Naturally Sourced. Eternally Respected

The Larrakia people have been sustainably harvesting for more than 60,000 years.   The sustainable lores of the land, dictate the produce we can harvest and when the time for harvest is right.   

Using these lores, we wild harvest more than three tonnes of native ingredients – green ants, bush apples and yams, as well as boobialla, strawberry gum, pepper berry and more. 

By employing local harvesters and creating a market for their native ingredients, Seven Seasons has been able to create sustainable jobs for Aboriginal people with money flowing back to support communities and helping to create small business enterprises. 

Approved for sustainable harvesting by both the Government and Traditional Owners of the land.  

Sustainable Harvesting Permit Number: 70138

Monsoon Season

Speargrass, Goose Egg & Knock ‘Em Down Season

Bush Fruit Season

Heavy Dew Season

Windy Season

Build Up Season

Rainy Season

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