Bush Honey & Wattleseed Coffee Liqueur

Larrakia bush honey is floral and sweet and the addition of native wattleseed infuses the coffee with hints of roasted hazelnut.

With its unforgettable taste – chocolate on the front palate giving way to mocha, candied walnut that fills the mouth, and notes of honey and spiced chai on the finish – this Liqueur is the perfect after-dinner drink, served neat or on the rocks. When paired with the Seven Seasons Native Yam Vodka, it makes an exceptional espresso martini.



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Bush Honey, Wattleseed, Coffee
Bush Fruit Season

How To Enjoy

Native Espresso Martini

Native Espresso Martini

45ml Bush Honey Coffee Wattleseed Liqueur, 30ml Native Yam Vodka, 25ml Espresso, 2.5ml Sugar syrup

Served Neat

Served Neat

60ml Bush Honey Coffee Wattleseed Liqueur served neat or on ice after dinner

Award Winning

Bronze Medalion
International Wine & Spirits Competition 2023
United Kingdom


As the sun pokes its head out from behind the clouds, bees collect nectar from native eucalypts to make sugar bags.  These are hand harvested from the hollows of trees, making a floral and sweet bush honey.

The addition of native wattleseed infuses the coffee with hints of roasted hazelnut, and perfectly complements the sweetness of the honey. 

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