Green Ant Gin

Green Ants are added before and after distillation to give this gin a citrusy pop. The addition of Boobialla brings coastal floral notes with a hint of sweetness; Strawberry Gum adds a touch of warm spice on the nose and Lemon Myrtle and Pepper Berry add depth to the base citrus profile.


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Contemporary Dry Style
Green Ants, boobialla, strawberry gum, lemon myrtle and pepper berry
Windy Season

How To Enjoy

Australian Negroni

Australian Negroni

30mL Campari, 40mL Green Ant Gin, 30mL, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth. Stir down and pour over block ice.

Finger Lime G&T

Finger Lime G&T

Native Green Ants give this gin fresh lime and coriander flavours. Nature is full of delicious surprises. Garnish your G&T with makrut lime leaf or finger lime.

Northern 75

Northern 75

45mL Green Ant Gin, 15mL lemon juice, 1.5 bar spoons of sugar, 45mL Sparkling wine. Stir lemon juice and sugar, add gin and shake with ice. Strain over ice into flute & top with Sparkling wine.

Award Winning

Best Australian Gin Winner | Dan Murphy's Decoded Spirit Awards
Gold Medal | Australian Gin Distillers Association Awards
Trophy Winner | Delicious Magazine Best in Bottle
Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Double Gold Medal | International SIP Awards (Consumer Judged)


New life is starting to form on the trees during Windy Season. Leaves are green and big for the ants to make their new nests after old brown leaves were burnt off trees .Wattle blooms, stringrays and cockles are plump and the green bush ants are juicy and prime for harvest.  

Using a secret traditional method, ant nest are carefully chilled at a specific temperature so excess worker ants can be carefully removed from the nest.  Only worker ants are harvested – we steer clear of breeding times or taking queen ants from their nest, so life is plentiful next season. 

Best gin ever! love the ants
- grace
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