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Seven Seasons

The World’s Oldest New Flavours

Bush Apple Gin
Native Australian Bundle

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The World’s Oldest New Flavours

Seven Seasons, founded by Larrakia man Daniel Motlop, is a premium distillery that uses native Australian ingredients to bring you a taste of the world’s oldest new flavours.  

We follow the lores of the land, rather than western calendars.  Changes in the stars, winds, plants, animals and traditional foods are the signals we use to wild harvest the native ingredients profiled in each of our spirits.   

Our inspiration comes of our land and the seven seasons of Gulumoerrgin, Larrakia People. 

Green Ant Gin 700mL

When it blows, the wattle flowers, and we feast; cockles and stingrays are plump, as is the bum of the green bush ant.

Bush Honey & Wattleseed Coffee Liqueur 700mL

As the sun pokes its head out from behind the clouds, bees collect nectar from native eucalypts to make sugar bags.  These are hand harvested from the hollows of trees, making a floral and sweet bush honey.  

Bush Apple Gin 700mL

When the heavy rains start, bush apples are collected from the tree tops and placed in harvesting buckets in Maningrida through Bawinanga, and from the Darwin area from the Motlop family

Native Yam Vodka 700mL

Made from a base of wild-harvested native yams from the Northern Territory, this vodka has balanced earthy flavours and creamy, nutty notes

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