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Season: WINDY TIME (Aug/Sept)

Green Ant Gin

When it blows, the wattle flowers, and we feast; cockles and stingrays are plump, as is the bum of the green bush ant.

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New life is starting to form on the trees during Windy Time. Leaves are green and big for the ants to make their new nests after old brown leaves were burnt of trees (gurrulwa guligi).

Using a secret traditional method, we carefully remove the juicy worker ants from the nest.We stay clear of breeding times or taking queen ants from their nest, so life is plentiful next season.


Native green ants give this gin fresh lime and coriander flavours. Nature is full of delicious surprises. Garnish your G&T with kaffir lime leaf or finger lime.

Cocktail: Australian Negroni.

Season: MONSOON SEASON (Jan/Feb/Mar)

Bush Apple Gin

When it buckets down, new life is everywhere; the crocs and Barra and lay their eggs, and the pink bush apples are ripe.

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When the heavy rains start, bush apples are collected from the tree tops and placed in harvesting buckets in Maningrida through Bawinanga, and from the Darwin area from the Motlop family.


Bush apples give this gin floral, berry and eucalyptus flavours. Nature makes it pink, and delightful to drink. Garnish your G&T with white grapefruit and mint.

Season: RAINY SEASON (Nov/Dec)

Native Yam Vodka

The green tree frog starts singing. Shellfish and native plums are ready, and flowering vines lead us to the bush yams.


When the distinctive bell shape flower appears, it tells us that the yams are ready and leads us straight to them. It’s the perfect time to dig them out, as the ground is a bit softer from the rain.


Native yam gives this vodka a creamy, coconutty flavour. Pulled from the dirt, elevated by nature. Garnish your Native Yam Vodka with strawberries and thyme.